Fight the peanut menace!

Has a peanut allergy attacked your home? DON’T PANIC. When Peanuts Attack is here to help. Read true tales from fellow food allergy fighters. Discover the science behind the peanut menace. Learn peanut allergy survival strategies. Find information on the search for a cure.

I’m a parent, Jim, not a doctor!

I, the author of this blog, am parent to a child with a life-threatening allergy to peanuts. I am not a doctor, and therefore, nothing I write here should be taken by the reader as medical advice. Food allergies are a serious medical condition. If you are seeking medical advice about a food allergy, please consult a medical professional.

For the record, I am also not a scientist, a nutritionist, a psychologist, a professional chef, or a social worker. I do have nine years of hands-on experience managing my child’s life-threatening food allergy, which does give me a certain level of ad-hoc expertise in battling the peanut menace.

I am also a professional blogger, with several years’ experience writing about food, politics, and public policy. That experience has taught me to do good research, to try my best to base any assertions I make or advice I give on reasonable evidence, and offer my readers links to reliable sources that will allow them to do their own research.

How not to have your comments deleted

I am not always right. I welcome constructive correction and polite disagreement. However, rudeness, name-calling, threats, examples of willful ignorance, misinterpretations of Darwin, direct or indirect calls for the deaths of children, and/or the distribution of dangerously incorrect pseudomedical advice will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Unless of course I choose to publish an inappropriate comment for the purpose of illustrating the types of comments I do not appreciate.

Should you find yourself dissatisfied with my comment policy, I remind you that there are a number of free blogging services available. If you feel I have unjustly denied you an audience here, I encourage you to start your own blog and publish your words there.

About the images on this site

The header and navigation tile illustrations and a majority of the other illustrations on this site are digital collages composed by me, the site author, containing remixed elements of 1940s and 50s era comic books, vintage botanical illustrations, vintage clip art and paper textures, all of which to the best of my knowledge are either in the public domain or have a Creative Commons license that allows for their reuse in this context.

My sources for these images include Comic Books Plus, an online repository of public domain comics, The Graphics Fairy, an excellent source of vintage illustrations and clip art, and Wikimedia Commons. I owe particular gratitude to the Baffling Mysteries comic book series by Ace Comics and the artist Ken Rice, who illustrated a number of their more striking scenes, and the comic strip Adam Ames drawn by Lou Fine.

Rules for reposting original content from this site

Unless otherwise noted, the text on this site is written by the site author, Jaelithe Judy, and protected by the following Creative Commons license:

Creative Commons License
This work by Jaelithe Judy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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