Peanut-free Easter treats for kids

Chocolate Easter Bunny | When Peanuts AttackIt can be a bit of a challenge to find peanut-free treats for Easter baskets. Most of those cute chocolate bunnies and eggs on grocery and drug store shelves have a not-so-cute MAY CONTAIN PEANUTS OR TREE NUTS warning on the back. And even candies that don’t have allergen advisory labeling may pose some risk, since companies are not required by the FDA to label for the risk of accidental allergen cross contact.

Luckily, this year, the Easter Bunny has helpfully provided When Peanuts Attack with a list of allergy-friendly companies that make safe Easter treats for children with peanut allergies.

Peanut-free Easter chocolate:

Vermont Nut Free and Divvies make chocolate treats– including Easter bunnies and other holiday favorites– in facilities that are 100% free from peanuts and tree nuts. Treats from Divvies are also vegan.

Peanut-free Easter jelly beans:

Gimbal’s jelly beans are not just peanut-free– they are free from all of the top 8 major food allergens. Unlike the chocolate bunnies at Vermont Nut Free and Divvies, which are a seasonal treat only, you can get your jelly bean fix from Gimbal’s year round. Surf Sweets also makes jelly beans (and gummy bears and worms) that are top 8 allergen free.

Peanut-free Easter cookies:

Many varieties of Lofthouse Cookies are made in a peanut-free facility, and they tend to offer seasonal decorated cookies for each major holiday. (Just make sure to check the package carefully as Lofthouse does make some cookies that contain nuts in a second, separate facility. The peanut-free flavors are clearly labeled as such with a peanut-free logo.) Cookies from Fancypants Bakery are also made in a dedicated peanut-free facility (that is also free of tree nuts).

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